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Aurelie Sheehan's collection of stories, Once into the Night, is the recipient of FC2's 2018 Catherine L. Doctorow Prize for Innovative Fiction (FC2, February 2019). She is the author of two novels (History Lesson for Girls and The Anxiety of Everyday Objects) and three previous collections (Jack Kerouac Is Pregnant, Jewelry Box: A Collection of Histories, and Demigods on Speedway). This Blue, a novella, was published as a Ploughshares Solo in 2014. Individual stories and essays have appeared in Alaska Quarterly, Conjunctions, Epoch, Fence, Mississippi Review, Nimrod International Journal, New England Review, The New York Times, Ploughshares, and The Southern Review. Sheehan has received a Pushcart Prize, a Jack Kerouac Literary Award, a Camargo Fellowship, and an Artists Projects Award from the Arizona Commission on the Arts. She is a professor of fiction and the head of the English Department at the University of Arizona.


Once into the Night is a collection of 57 brief stories, a fictional autobiography made of assumed identities and what-ifs. It is now available for preorder at very large places like Barnes and Noble and also very small and gemlike places that you know of personally and will go to this afternoon for a browse.

Agent: Ellen Levine, Trident Media Group